Woman Retreat

Do you feel it’s time to connect with the sacred feminine, do you like to rediscover your true essence and live your life to the full potential as the goddess that you are?

These woman retreats are serene spaces for women, guiding you into safety in your femininity, to embody and express your true selves.

Rediscover what brings you joy and what your heart longing desires are. How can you live your life to your full potential?

In a beautiful serene setting we will come together to celebrate being a woman, to share, and bond in a supportive and very safe environment.
Come fully as you are; all of you is welcome.
Now, more than ever, the need for connection, community, and sisterhood is crucial for us – as woman, mothers, sisters and partners. We aim to create a space where trust and vulnerability reign, where we can delve beyond the surface of daily superficial life. Here, we hold space for each other’s light and darkness, without judgment. Be who you really are – gifts to the world and the people in our lives, those we know and those who cross our paths.

We will dive into our feminine with beautiful sacred modalities. By using multiple secret techniques, to make a transformative journey to be more conscious to dive into our female essence.

We are looking forward to explore, express, feel and release together in a loving and safe environment, holding ourselves and each other with love and respect.

lets move away from our limiting beliefs, and dive deep into the body to dissolve into abundance, trust and selflove.
Being seen, Being heard and understood. Knowing again who you really are , and celebrating your femininity. connect, slow down, feel, share, and heal, ultimately returning home to yourself and embracing the beauty within your body.

The Retreats are co-creations with beautiful embodied goddess teachers. United woman to woman and human to human, filled with love and connection.

Here we celebrate each other, empower each other to each other’s growth. And we may all shine our light.

Allow to become the medicine for your own growth and flourish.

Here we hold a safe beautiful space to be vulnerable, connect, contribute to each other’s growth, and celebrate one another, who chooses to celebrate herself and other women.

We will guide you into a beautiful exploration of womanhood together.
Come as you are 🀍

Photo credits Eva Bours Fotografie

Explore what moves you

This week was has been so valuable to me, it was unforgettable. The yoga classes were so powerful on many different levels and the breathwork helpt me express unprocessed emotions. The location was an oasis and I could fully connect with stillness, yet it was super fun. I feel grateful.



It has truly been a gift! Beautiful place, beautiful people and beautiful practices!



Hi dear,

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